Windows 10

Win 10

Win 10 Start ani_17

Start Button
Left Click > Start Menu
Right Click > Quick Access Menu > Control Panel related settings

Start Menu
Hybrid Win 7 Start Menu and Win 8 Start Screen

On Left –
1) At Top is the CURRENT USER. Right click
Change Account Settings > Settings > Accounts
Lock – Need password to log back in
Sign out

2) Windows 7 Start Menu style with most used on top
At Bottom is All Apps button – shows all apps in alpha order with scroll bar
To right of App is a down arrow that shows expansion apps – Use BACK to return
Click on App to Open

3) File Explorer – Click and go
Right arrow shows Pinned apps with UNPIN
Frequent – Docs and Folders have PIN button

4) Settings – truncated Control Panel
System, Devices, Network & Internet, Personalization, Accounts Time & Language, Ease of Access, Privacy, Update & security

5) Power – Sleep, Shutdown, Restart ( “Sign out” is available in the Quick Access Menu)

6) Settings > Personalization > Start > Choose which folders appear on Start

On Right –– Windows 10 Universal Apps
1) Dynamic App Tiles show updated info related to the App
2) To move click and hold on tile and then move to new location
3) Right click on tile > Unpin, Resize, Turn Off, Pin to Taskbar, Uninstall
4) Resize 4 tile sizes > Small, Medium, Wide, Large. (not all apps have all sizes)
5) Resize the Start Menu by moving to edge until double arrows clicking and dragging the edge
6) Create Groups by dragging tile to clear space
7) Move groups by clicking and holding “slider” then drag and drop
8) Name group by clicking on group name and typing a new name

Windows 10 Universal Apps will run on PC, Tablets and Phones
1) Universal Apps are downloaded from the Microsoft Store
2) Universal Apps can used as like Windows Programs and have Minimize, Restore, Close
3) Menu is on left of App – varies by the App
4) Often a 3 dot … menu on the right of the App

Taskbar –
1) Search Box with Cortana – Type app name to find app or file
2) You can type a search query to search the Web or the Computer
3) If there is a microphone you can click the microphone icon and speak the query
4) If activated “Hey Cortana” allows you to speak the query w/o clicking the Microphone
5) Web searches open in Edge Browser by default
6) Remind me for Reminders
7) Cortana Commands –
8) Rt Click Search > hover over CORTANA > “Show Cortana icon” to eliminate search box

Task View –
1) Virtual Desktops – open apps have blue line under icon
2) Click Task View Button to see open Apps
3) Click “+ New Desktop” to open new desktop
4) Click Task View Button to see open Apps and Virtual Desktops
5) Click and hold to drop and drag open Apps to different Virtual Desktop
6) If you Close a Virtual Desktop the open apps there will move to the 1st Virtual Desktop

File Explorer –
1) Quick Access – Frequent and Pinned folders on top to Right pane and Recent files below
2) Right click any folder > power user Menu > includes “Pin to Quick Access” or other options
3) OneDrive – 15 gig of on line storage – Office Online
4) “This PC” shows Profile folders on Top and “Devices and Drives” below
5) Network shows other computers and devices on the Network
6) Ribbon show context specific options – File, Home, Share, View, Managed
7) Open File Explorer to This PC / Quick Access – View > Options > Change folder and search options > Open File Explorer to: This PC or Quick Access – OneDrive, , Office On-Line , People

Notification Area – on Right side of Taskbar ( also known as System Tray )
1) Left Click open App, Right Click opens menu
2) To select which icons appear on the Notification Area – Right Click blank space of TASKBAR > Properties> Notification Area Customize > Opens the Settings > System> Notifications and actions > click Select which icons appear on the taskbar and use slider switches to select icons
3) Action Center – ( replaces Charms Bar)
Top shows various Notifications – Click to open notification – if an X will remove from list
Bottom shows Quick Launch icons for various settings – Blue Icons are active/ Grey are off

Clock – Click Time and Date > Date and Time Settings > Additional date, time & regional settings > Under “Date and Time” > “Set the time and date”
Minimize Bar – At far right on the taskbar to minimize open programs or restore them.

Snap Assist – Click on and hold Title Bar on an open Window and drag ( Grey box shows outline of snap)
1) Into a Corner for ¼ size in that corner
2) Into the either Side for ½ size on that side
3) Into the Top for Full screen
4) Click the top edge of window > double arrow and drag to top for Top to Bottom same width

Display Settings – Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display set. (Rt click desktop > Display Set.)

Personalize Background etc – Right click desktop > Personalize

Main Apps

Edge – New Browser – Doesn’t support ActiveX , VBScripts or browser helper objects – Not all sites load
1) Star to save favorites
2) 3 lines to show favorites
3) Box Pen to “Make a Web Note” > Purple bar > mouse lines on page > save
4) Share button to Email etc
5) Ellipsis 3 dots … Menu upper right corner > open menu – Find, Print, Pin, Open in IE, Settings
6) Settings > Advanced Settings > Search in the address bar with > add new > Select > Default
7) Reads PDFs

Mail App –

Store –

Skype –

Calendar –

Maps –

Photos –

OneNote –

Weather –

News –

Sports –

Groove Music –

Movies & TV –

Money –

Health & Fitness –

Food & Drink –

Xbox –

Get Started –

Reader –

Snipping Tool with Delay –

Continuum –

DirectX 12 –

WiFi Sense – Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi Settings
Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Advanced Options – Find Devices & Metered Connection

Command Prompt – Paste into command prompt box , resize box

Windows Hello – Biometric authentication

Media Creation Tool –